Welcome to Off the Beaten Hack! Initially this is a ‘filler’ game for Tuesday evenings when the regular GameMasters are unavailable to run their games. In time it may become a successor to our old HackMonkeeze campaigns. The system is the current edition of HackMaster. Herein can be found any information you will need to prepare and play your characters, above and beyond that found in your HackMaster Player’s Handbook.

Campaign Setting

The player characters are from the harsh northern land of Kandaaria, stolen from their own lives by Boekkan slavers (hobgoblins). All they know of their whereabouts is that they are somewhere in the vast sprawling Howling Mountains, many weeks hard march from home. Having identified each other as potential friends and allies all they seek now is an opportunity to escape their captors and return home.

The action so far…
  • Drugged and chained they defeated the cruel hobgoblin Boekkan and escaped their captors.
  • Bloodied and burdened the party escaped a hungry wolf pack and found shelter at a dwarven outpost.
  • Outnumbered and under-equipped they liberated a nearby dwarven mine from invading Rockhopper Goblins.
  • The party have made good progress along the Bleak Pass to rest, heal and train at the citadel of Kensabal and against the odds destroyed a small band of Saddlehack Orcs and their spawning pool.

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Off the Beaten Hack