Dwarven Drag-Sled

A small platform supported by two runners, hauled manually


A number of dwarven drag-sleds are available for sale in Kensabal market for would-be explorers intent on conquering the Howling Mountains’ harsh terrain. These sleds include a sturdy leather belt and harness which can be worn in addition to a backpack and/or armour, with metal loops and ropes to pull the sled. Time to put on or remove is 2d12p seconds unaided, 1d12p seconds with help; in dire situations ropes can be cut in 2d4p seconds if a suitable blade is to hand.

Most drag-sleds are used on surfaces with low friction, such as snow or ice. A properly harnessed sled allows a character to calculate their encumbrance as if their Strength score were 10 full points higher than normal for the purposes of overland movement rates, and to pull up to their Drag capacity (for their normal Strength) at that Walk speed on surfaces with low friction such as snow or ice, and Crawl speed over grass and mud. These speeds can be kept up all day by healthy characters without the need for additional rest stops.

A basic drag-sled has a flat bed, 4 feet long by 2 feet wide, a pair of shaped thick planks on edge as runners, and effectively supports its own weight (i.e. adds no encumbrance). A pack sled has a special frame (similar to pack saddle) for more securely caryring supplies and equipment. In Kensabal market there is also a ‘hogsled’ available, which is essentially a 60-gallon ‘hogshead’ barrel fitted with runners and a sled harness for carrying large quantities of water (or other liquid refreshment) on long journeys. There are also several sturdier versions of the normal and pack sleds, reinforced with rivetted iron banding similar to heavy dungeon doors.

Basic sled: 5 sp, 0 lbs; Reinforced basic sled: 15 sp, 20 lbs
Pack sled: 10 sp, 15 lbs; Reinforced pack sled: 25 sp, 35 lbs
Hogsled: 45 sp, 120 lbs


The dwarves of Kensabal are a hardy folk, well used to travel in the Howling Mountains. They developed these sturdy vehicles many centuries ago to help haul large, heavy loads across the difficult terrain of the region.

Dwarven Drag-Sled

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