Kandaarian Calendar

The people of Kandaaria observe a lunar calendar based around the 28-day orbit of Jarlün, one of three moons in the night sky. The 364-day year comprises thirteen months of four 7-day weeks each. The first day of spring heralds each new year.

Months of the year

Kandaarian months are named in the common Merchant’s Tongue, honouring thirteen of the most revered good-aligned gods. It is rumoured that alternative evil-influenced calendars are recognised by nefarious cults and villains hidden throughout the world.

  1. Dawning
  2. Coddling
  3. Caring
  4. Releasing
  5. Roaming
  6. Humouring
  7. Hunting
  8. Knighting
  9. Giving
  10. Harvesting
  11. Shimmering
  12. Comforting
  13. Truthing
Days of the week

Weekdays are still often given by their old Kandaarian names, particularly by Hoarlanders. In parts of Frithland however, the feudal ‘Hwarthan’ day-names of the neighboring Kingdom of Aneth are becoming prevalent following increasing trade with Anethian merchants.

Kandaarian name, Hwarthan name (modern day equivalent)

  1. Kalady, Kingsday (Sunday)
  2. Eylenndy, Lordsday (Monday)
  3. Tressady, Vassalsday (Tuesday)
  4. Peswardy, Serfsday (Wednesday)
  5. Pympedy, Squiresday (Thursday)
  6. Hwegdy, Knightsday (Friday)
  7. Seythdy, Queensday (Saturday)
An Lünaari (the moons)

The three moons are more commonly known by colloquialisms than their true Kandaarian names.

  • Serklün, the fighting moon
  • Jarlün, the loving moon
  • Ymplün, the laughing moon

Note: This is essentially the Kingdoms of Kalamar calendar with alternative names.

Kandaarian Calendar

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