Humans are the most prevalent race populating Kandaaria by far, with its two distinct native sub-races (Hoarlander and Frithlander) and a neighbouring human kingdom to the south. The traditional (some would say insular) ways and nomadic lifestyle prevents most demi-humans finding welcome with the Hoarland tribesfolk. Of the various demi-human races of the world, halflings are the least uncommon sight with increasing numbers making their homes across Frithland. Indeed in recent years the small market town of Leifisetr in the south west has become noted for having a higher population of halflings than any other race, even humans.

Dwarves and gnomes are found mostly in the east where the lowland steppes run into the Howling Mountains. There are two dwarven strongholds bordering Kandaaria; to the south east lies Kensabal where trade with other races is welcomed, and hidden in the northern mountains is the city of Hamarrholm where any non-dwarven presence is short-lived. Nestled between these in the foothills is Vestenholm, a gnomish town where it is said nothing is as it appears.

To the west fairer folk may be found, with the elven communities of Ethildia and Niallrifell near the edge of the wooded border. Pixie-Fairies live among the elves along with dozens of other woodland spirits and creatures, though they are seldom seen in the colder winter months. Half-elves are rare but not unknown in both elven and human society. Nobody has seen a grel this far north in a hundred years.

Other half breeds (half-orc and half-hobgoblin) are the rarest demi-humans in Kandaaria, finding menial work and grudging tolerance (though rarely true acceptance) as labourers on Frithlander farms and in larger towns.

There is one place where at least one member of every race can likely be found on any given day, and that is capital city Winter Haven.


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